Learning the startup way

A one year, practical programme to build a strong, digitally capable team, confident in  innovation practices, comfortable with technology, and willing to try new things.


Equip your team with the practical skills used in startups and highly innovative organizations to successfully navigate unknown and unpredictable environments.

These processes allow organizations to stay guided by their long term objectives, while making solid, continuous progress by working in small steps.


Over the course of a year the programme will:

  • Develop your practical and theoretical understanding of “the startup way”

  • Continuously deliver real outcomes with increasing confidence

  • Grow the technical and collaborative competencies of your team

  • Support personal development required to work in an uncertain environment

What it involves:

  • One half day practical workshop per month (we can provide East London venue)
  • Three core participants and up to 3 other supporting participants
  • Follow up, 30 minute video call each week to support progress
  • 2 hours of practical and technical support for the team each month
  • One to one sessions with core team members for individual personal development

The Lean methodologies have been developed over decades to enable teams to continuously improve their skills, applying a scientific, evidence based process to solve problems and develop new products. These approaches are immediately practical, allowing a team to take control of any form of project dealing with significant unknowns.

In the coming years there will be huge, completely unpredictable, changes in the fabric of our society. Organizations with a social mission have a vitally important role to play in navigating the journey into this unknown future. Many of the skills needed to cope with dramatic change have emerged within the technology sector and they are adaptable to a wide number of environments. We would love to embark on a journey with you to develop your abilities to make the most of the amazing new possibilities that are opening up.