Thrive in complexity

The key challenges facing companies working with today’s technology are not technical - they are human.

The-Organization helps diverse groups of people harness technology to solve complex problems with no known solutions. We combine cultural, psychological and technical practices to take teams to the next level.


Diversity drives innovation

The harder the problem, the broader the range of experience you need to bring to bear. Creating environments that make it possible for people from different backgrounds, with diverse skills and a wide range of views to really work together on complex challenges is no simple feat.



Innovation requires distributed authority, the right decision making processes, capable of listening to many voices and backing up action with data.

We provide training and facilitation to enable faster, more agile operations.



New organizational forms and practices need the right tools. Complex, systemic challenges require the technology to match.

We design and implement technical platforms for multi-disciplinary teams.



Solving problems where there is no known solution requires unlocking the creativity of a diverse group of actively engaged people. Traditional governance models don’t cut it.

We facilitate dynamic governance structures and agile working practices.



Culture does not happen by chance, it must be carefully and consciously cultivated to create an environment where everyone feels safe enough to let their creativity free.

We help foster culture with a program of workshops carefully designed to build deep, human connections.


For better technology…focus on feedback.

There are very few ventures today that do not need to transform their relationship with technology. Whether the driver for this change comes from grand plans to automate processes with A.I., or simply to cope with the ever changing demands of their audience, the fundamental question is the same: “How do we cope with complexity?” Luckily, there is a simple answer. The key to operating in a complex, unpredictable environment is to become really good at using feedback.

By focusing on feedback and high quality data, the great organizations of tomorrow will succeed by developing the ability to harness technology while retaining their humanity. Our core products provide the foundations for creating a feedback culture.


Fix your appraisals

Effective feedback lies at the heart of an organization’s ability to adapt. Solving complex problems or harnessing cutting edge technology requires a culture of effective, human feedback.

The appraisal process is the centerpiece of the feedback mechanism for most organizations, get this right, and the rest will follow.

We train teams to give and take critical feedback in a way that really works.


Make your data ethics clear

Data and data ethics lie at the heart of a feedback driven organization, providing the compass that enables everyone to navigate the unknown.

An effective data ethics framework operates at all levels, actively engaging the whole organization and keeping up with a changing environment.

The-Organization, in conjunction with our ethical data science partners,, develop and deliver data ethics for enterprises of any size.


Value all forms of work

Complex challenges require diverse skill sets. If an organization does not value all forms of work required for people to work together well, then it will not be able to build a diverse team.

To create a high performing team, all forms of work must be recognized and valued.

We map the way teams work together, providing a fresh perspective of the different tasks, responsibilities and relationships between team members - enabling feedback that matters.


The right tool

Hierarchical, centralised structures are inefficient at dealing with complex, systems with many interconnected parts. They struggle to cope with the level of information and adaptation required. 

Most emerging technologies and important social and environmental challenges are non-linear, interconnected systems. Succeeding in these environments requires an organization to mirror the problem they seek to solve. 


Make meaning

Rapid advances in technology have significantly altered the social, economic and environmental fabric of the world in which we live. To move forward we must transform the very nature of our organizations and our relationship to work.

The changes required for businesses to adapt to the the challenges they will face in the next few years are being approached from many angles. For some it’s “Digital Transformation”, for others it's “Teal organisations” or “Holacracy”, for even more it's simply a need to create a workplace that can attract and retain talent. There is one overall agreement - the way in which we design and run our organizations will have to change.

There are many theories and ideas about what, why and how we need to update the organizational rule-book. None of them are a silver bullet and all need investment of time and resource. What’s more, this process amounts to a significant shift in company culture, which, when imposed from above, can encounter active resistance. Despite all the challenges, every survey and report on the future of work reveals that the majority of people want their work to be engaging and meaningful.

It is very possible to build companies that are both extremely effective as businesses, and provide a meaningful source of work for their employees. In fact, organizations that are able to engage their staff are proven to be much more competitive than those that don’t. We believe that the process of building an organization that matters to those who work within it must start by engaging with these individuals, and creating a sense of the possibility of change.