Change the nature of work

It's time to re-imagine the very foundations of the way organizations work. The coming wave of automation and A.I. will replace any job that does not require creativity and free will - and the majority of organizations today exist, despite their propaganda, to remove or restrict freedom and ingenuity. 

Our goal to change the nature of work is not simply talk, we believe that it is not just possible, but vital. Businesses and institutions of all forms must leave behind a way of operating that sees humans as "resources" to control and exploit, and evolve to achieving their goals by becoming platforms for the focusing and developing human potential.

The-Organization is an exploration and expression of our ideas and work, a platform for human development.  

Photo by  Immo Klink    I find it darkly amusing that I am using a photograph of myself that was created as a parody of the corporate executive for an activist campaign at COP21. Face your fears or become what you hate? 

Photo by Immo Klink 

I find it darkly amusing that I am using a photograph of myself that was created as a parody of the corporate executive for an activist campaign at COP21. Face your fears or become what you hate? 

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Peter Brownell

I desire to create a culture that makes is possible to be fully alive. Since so much of our lives is defined by our jobs - I seek to change the nature of our relationship work itself.

In practice, I facilitate the shifts required to effectively harness and adapt to rapidly changing and increasingly digital world. I develop practical tools, processes and workshops to guide individuals and organisations through the process of refining rough ideas them into meaningful possibilities.

My work lies at the intersection of technical and organisational development. (I'll be adding "personal development" to that list soon - but I have some more work to do on myself first. ;-) )  I’ve 20 years of professional experience as a startup founder and technical lead, developing technical products, infrastructure and digital strategy for SMEs, NGOs and Multinationals. My fascination with organisations has been fed by relentless involvement with groups of all kinds: startups, charities, non-profits, activist groups, arts collectives, meetups and more. Since my early teens I’ve obsessed over the the potential of organisations, groups and communities to create environments for profound personal fulfilment.

I believe that we make the future in every moment. Fear of the future will only create the future we fear, but if we learn to understand and embrace the change engulfing us, anything is possible. To create a better tomorrow, we need to harness digital technology and unleash human creativity. It’s not a pipe dream, it’s just going to take a bit of work.


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Lisa Farron

I enjoy people. I find them fascinating. I love to explore what makes people tick and what makes them who they are.

I believe in the power that people hold within themselves and am passionate about helping people to release their potential. I desire to bring energy and a sense of fulfillment at work to individuals and organisations.

I’ve developed my skills in the online travel industry, working for both big and small companies. As Expedia’s European Account Manager, I worked with American Express and other clients to bring their online strategies into the 21st century.  My work within this sector gave me a broad view of the requirements for a digitally capable organization. In the data-driven enterprise,  user Experience, marketing, promotion and technology are all interconnected.

I ran my own startup for 4 years offering hotel consultancy for small and medium sized hotels. In this consultancy work I led training courses on leadership and coaching for internal team leaders and managers as well as training on marketing, sales and customer service skills.

This business background and my interest in people informs the work that we do. I believe in working in a transparent, authentic way to walk alongside and learn with our clients. I want to change the way individuals and organisations think about work and help them to move towards a more fulfilling working model.

I see the work I do and the things I experience as opportunities to learn about myself and about the world. My mission it to continue my personal growth towards an authentic life.




Our work is a partnership. Despite the big words we might use in our bios, we are on a journey of exploration and enquiry. We learn from every interaction, and seek to relate with our partners as equals seeking to uncover the possibility of a future where our work together really matters.