The Organization

Thrive in complexity

Organizations need the appropriate structure, tools and abilities for the problems they seek to solve. Complex challenges and technologies require ways of working to match. 


The-Organization works with startups, established businesses and those who seek to change the world, building their ability to thrive in complex, unpredictable environments, harness cutting edge technology and attract the people that matter. 


Grow your startup, without losing what made it special

Organization are a technology to amplify the abilities of your team. Treat the development of your organizational structure and process like you would any other technology. Stay on the cutting edge as you scale.  


Move faster, upgrade the enterprise

Adopt the mindset and tools of a startup to upgrade your business. Reduce the money you waste on failed technology projects, better engage your staff in what matters and face down disruption. 


Unlock human potential, change the nature of work

Command and control organizational structures are designed to limit the freedom and creativity of the humans within them in order to keep them focused on filling a specific predefined role. Environments that require the highest possible levels of innovation, must move beyond hierarchy. 


The right tool

Hierarchical, centralised structures are inefficient at dealing with complex, systems with many interconnected parts. They struggle to cope with the level of information and adaptation required. 

Most emerging technologies and important social and environmental challenges are non-linear, interconnected systems. Succeeding in these environments requires an organization to mirror the problem they seek to solve. 


Make meaning

Rapid advances in technology have significantly altered the social, economic and environmental fabric of the world in which we live. To move forward we must transform the very nature of our organizations and our relationship to work.

The changes required for businesses to adapt to the the challenges they will face in the next few years are being approached from many angles. For some it’s “Digital Transformation”, for others it's “Teal organisations” or “Holacracy”, for even more it's simply a need to create a workplace that can attract and retain talent. There is one overall agreement - the way in which we design and run our organizations will have to change.

There are many theories and ideas about what, why and how we need to update the organizational rule-book. None of them are a silver bullet and all need investment of time and resource. What’s more, this process amounts to a significant shift in company culture, which, when imposed from above, can encounter active resistance. Despite all the challenges, every survey and report on the future of work reveals that the majority of people want their work to be engaging and meaningful.

It is very possible to build companies that are both extremely effective as businesses, and provide a meaningful source of work for their employees. In fact, organizations that are able to engage their staff are proven to be much more competitive than those that don’t. We believe that the process of building an organization that matters to those who work within it must start by engaging with these individuals, and creating a sense of the possibility of change.