Workshops in key concepts and practices. 


How to eat failure for breakfast. 

By it's very nature, innovation requires taking actions that might not succeed. 

Operating in complex, unpredictable environments requires an ability to work without certainty. The foundation of the lean startup practice is the experiment. 


Conscious Culture Creation

High performance cultures don't happen by accident, they are carefully curated and cultivated. 

Creating an organization able to attract and retain a skilled and diverse team requires the culture that makes it possible. This workshop introduces a set of key culture building practices.  


Giving and receiving feedback

The cornerstone of a learning organization is open and honest, feedback. Ever had some?

Annual reviews are not feedback, and we have met very few people who felt they were useful. Strong teams use continuous feedback to stay on top. 


Products solve problems

Practical, user centred approach to technology .. 101.

Technology is a means to an end, not the objective. Evolve your approach to digital by learning to frame work in terms of "problems" rather than "features".