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The work


Organizational Capability


In order to compete in the emerging business environment, an organization must be equipped to cope with constant change. Our workshops build next stage organizations from the bottom up, developing capacity to guide a process of constant evolution.


Full spectrum abilities

Successful adaptation requires organizational development across the whole range of skills and abilities. Our workshops, developed over years to assist companies, charities and groups of many different sizes, cover six different areas: 

  1. Clear purpose and direction 
  2. Understanding the digital technologies and agile methodologies
  3. Emergent, pattern based working practices
  4. Governance and data 
  5. Decision making processes, experimentation
  6. Peer to peer feedback, honesty and retrospectives

Digital Strategy and Consultancy

We work with our partners to provide deep, trusted and practical advice on digital. Bringing together decades of experience working with organizations of every size, at all levels of the digital stack, we guide organizations along the path to digital success.



Agile decision making

Over the last few decades, software development methodologies have thrown many traditional management practices out the window, and cranked the rest up to 11. No team can be successful in a digital space without a firm grounding in agile principles. 


Going round and round again: agile is about iterations

Underneath all the Agile processes, lies one key lesson: clearly identify the problem and solve it in short iterations. In alignment with out fundamental belief that powerful organizations evolve naturally when they have the capabilities required, we focus on the underlying iterative feedback mechanism that makes agile work. 


The State-maps and road-maps 

The short, iterative focus of agile methodologies requires an equivalent long term approach. Roadmapping and organizational state mapping techniques provide the vision of the landscape that can be explored with agile processes. 

We have 20 years of hands-on agile experience to share. Work with The-Organization to bring your team up to speed. 


Spiral Dynamics and Teal

The theoretical foundation of our work is informed by integral Spiral Dynamics, a well established model of social development that underpins the idea of the Teal Organization.

In essence, the model identifies a series of layers that exist within an organization, each of which has a specific world view. As an organization evolves, it moves through the layers in a spiral, changing it's operational approach. 


Full spectrum competency

Next stage, Teal, organizations emerge naturally when they develop capabilities at every level of the spiral. Our approach to assisting our partners on this journey is to work with practical workshops that increase competency at each level. 

We prefer to work in small steps that produce real, tangible benefits, rather than implement any top-down "transformation strategy". 

Digital Product Management

Every organization must be able to operate within the digital realm. The realities of this new environment force us all to adopt ways of working that, just a few years ago, seemed outlandish. 

The technical foundations of next-stage organizations lie effective digital product management. Understanding how to plan, create and evolve digital products provides a very practical driver for broad change within an enterprise.