Spiral Dynamics and Teal

The theoretical foundation of our work is informed by integral Spiral Dynamics, a well established model of social development that underpins the idea of the Teal Organization.

In essence, the model identifies a series of layers that exist within an organization, each of which has a specific world view. As an organization evolves, it moves through the layers in a spiral, changing it's operational approach. 


Full spectrum competency

Next stage, Teal, organizations emerge naturally when they develop capabilities at every level of the spiral. Our approach to assisting our partners on this journey is to work with practical workshops that increase competency at each level. 

We prefer to work in small steps that produce real, tangible benefits, rather than implement any top-down "transformation strategy". 

Digital Product Management

Every organization must be able to operate within the digital realm. The realities of this new environment force us all to adopt ways of working that, just a few years ago, seemed outlandish. 

The technical foundations of next-stage organizations lie effective digital product management. Understanding how to plan, create and evolve digital products provides a very practical driver for broad change within an enterprise.