Feedback workshops


A foundation course in connecting with emotions and learning to give and receive feedback.

Giving and receiving feedback is daunting and even scary. There are many studies that show feedback as critical for creating high performing teams yet it is still either avoided or badly done. 

Building a feedback culture takes careful development, team members need the ability to connect with their own emotions as well as being able to listen and give empathy to others. 

These workshops offer the building blocks to become confident in giving and receiving feedback within a team. 

Engaged and motivated teams perform better and are more loyal. In a study 76% of employees stated ‘progress’ towards a meaningful goal as having the biggest impact on engagement. 

Feedback is a basic tool in building trust within a team. Communication becomes more direct and less time is wasted. If there is a culture of hiding weaknesses or mistakes this undermines the team. Being open and honest might feel awkward at first but with the right skills and practice it will become part of the culture.

Feedback makes everything else possible.

Individuals spend less energy on worrying about what others think of them. 

  • Create a culture that can embrace failure and learn from mistakes.

  • Develop the whole person to be more in touch with feelings and able to show empathy to themselves and others. 

  • Team efficiency is increased and time spent in meetings reduced.

Feedback is a constantly evolving process and different team members will develop at a different pace.

How do we do it?

We take the team through a series of mini modules which explore individual emotions and motivations as well as learning practical feedback techniques. 

Modules include:

  • Identifying and expressing feelings

  • Observing without evaluating 

  • Empathy and listening

  • Anger

  • Self-responsibility

  • Self-acceptance

If you are not in touch with your feelings or are judgemental towards yourself then it will be difficult to be open and accepting of others. 

The training is delivered as 2 half day workshop

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