Learning the startup way

Build a strong, digitally capable team, confident in  innovation practices, comfortable with technology, and willing to try new things.


The Programme

  • One half day practical workshop per month
  • Three core participants and up to 3 other supporting participants
  • Follow up 30 minute team video meeting each week to support progress
  • 2 hours of practical and technical support for the team
  • One to one sessions with core team members for individual personal development

Innovation grows from curiosity

Learning a Startup Way focuses on establishing a collaborative way of working that supports an attitude of curiosity and an ability to embrace uncertainty. We work on one foundation building block per month as well as some general tech skills. 

Using “The Startup Way” by Eric Ries as one of our sources of inspiration , we introduce the process and methodology behind experiments, the cornerstone of a digitally competent, data driven organization. We support the adoption of these practices by working at a deeper level, helping teams consciously create the culture of curiosity that enables innovation. 


Practical psychological safety

Innovation, by it's very nature, requires the ability to try something that might not work. Our monthly workshops introduce practical ways for teams to accept failure. This environment of "psychological safety" is the most important factor in creating high performance teams.  

Individual sessions

Our work to introduce new ways of working and interacting is disruptive to normal ways of doing things. These disruptions can cause uncertainty, anxiety and tension in a team and need to be addressed directly, so we counterbalance our team based work by spending time with individuals.